PARTICLE DEV: Jahka adds a few major new effector goodies for many new effects

Two new juicy effector types and other goodies that will greatly expand the range of effects Blender particles are capable of, very good stuff and some very capable additions to the system.

  • For newtonian particles a “self effect” button in particle extras makes the particles be effected by themselves if a particle effector is defined for this system, currently this is a brute force method so things start getting slow with more than ~100 particles, but this will hopefully change in the future.
  • Two new effector types: charge and a Lennard-Jones potential based force (inter-molecular forces for example).
    -Charge is similar to spherical field except it changes behavior (attract/repulse) based on the effected particles charge field (negative/positive) like real particles with a charge.
    -The Lennard-Jones field is a very short range force with a behavior determined by the sizes of the effector and effected particle. At a distance smaller than the combined sizes the field is very repulsive and after that distance it’s attractive. It tries to keep the particles at an equilibrium distance from each other. Particles need to be at a close proximity to each other to be effected by this field at all.
    - Particle systems can now have two effector fields (two slots in the fields panel). This allows to create particles which for example have both a charge and a Lennard-Jones potential.

Thanks for the link CD - I am doing some trial and error on particles a every little snip of information helps.