Particle Edit Add Hair Brush settings

Hello! I got a question about particle edit brush settings. First of all is there any good tutorial what explain all the settings so I can go back after months if I forget something to refresh my knowledge?

My biggest problem right now I forget about in the Add hair brush settings what the Steps and Path steps means? Usually steps means how many times refresh the drawing image, and with more steps you have smoother line with less steps you have points only not really line. But I trried the hair density was same with 1 and 50 steps. So I’m tottally lost now what it is and Blender manual is like… Ehh…

Amount of brush steps.

I mean that not explains the essence at all.

“Steps” means the same thing as “Segments” in the basic particle emission panel (except that “Steps” in the Add setting appears to specify the number of control points in each hair strand, while the emission “Segments” specifies the number of segments between the control points, so to get the same effect as, say, 5 “Segments” you need 6 “Steps”).

“Path steps” in the Add setting corresponds to “Strand steps” in the Viewport Display section of the basic particle settings. Both control how Blender draws the hair strands in the viewport. Blender draws each hair as a series of straight line segments, and these control how many segments it draws; the larger the number, the smoother the hair is drawn.

None of these control the density of the hair, only how finely you can control the shape and how smoothly Blender draws the hair strands.

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That is the weird thing, when adding a hair its key which does these segments. Blender really needs to work on their documentation, its written by nerd with descriptive almost riddle like descriptions. The brush steps has this marvelous description “brush steps”, well that helps a lot!!! NOT!