Particle edit mode. Selects visible AND not visIble (which makes it unusable) Rabbits hate it

Hi !

I guess the title is self explanatory.

I want to comb the nose of my rabbit. It also combs his ass. ( and the animal does not appreciate this disrespect.)

I couldn’t find any edit visible button or option.

Thanks for any clue !

Hair particles editing is one of those things worst in 2.8 than in 2.79.

But this particular point works the same. If you want to limiting combing to some particles, you have to select them, first.

Thanks for your answer.

Do you mean that there is no way to limit the particle edit to the ones that are visible ? ( not behind the mesh )

That’s too bad for selecting them can be tricky … for the same reason (I could select the visible parts only …)