Particle Emissions (In Sync)

The solution is a painfully simple one, I know, yet it eludes me.
I want a polygon to emit particles from all it’s vertices equally (ie, not using random), at once. Not like this (just ignore the colours, I put it through some pretty harsh compression). Here are my settings. Please let me know what I did wrong.

Create a cube.
Add a particle system to it.
Delete all vertices except 1.
Recenter on that object.

Now you have a single vertex emitter.
Duplicate that as many times as you want and place it at the points on your polygon.

Essentially you need to use multiple emitters.

NOTE: Each emitter can share the same particle system, so can edit one system and effect all emitters.

Thanks. That did exactly what I wanted it to do.
It sure was a lot easier to do in 2.45. It seems very overcomplicated for the task I want to accomplish. I hope they remedy this in 2.5.