Particle Emitter Object Alignment (2.79b) [Solved]

(pauljs75_) #1

Having a problem where a second particle emitter group which is a modified duplicate doesn’t align with the first group. Was wondering if there’s a way to get it to do that.

As you can see, the bulb emission objects are where I want them, but a second group for the sockets doesn’t line up. Same seeds, same values. Not sure what gives? And even if I could get them to match somehow, I’d like the bulb rotation on the long axis to be slightly randomized while still keeping the socket in-line with the cord.

Part of this setup is also fudging around to get array duplicates on a curve, but not have the curve distortion on the thing duplicated. (At least for things other than the cord profile) The fact there can be some slight randomization is a nice touch too. The bulbs work as expected, but the problem behavior is with the second set of particles for the sockets. I’m expecting the same behavior from the next particle group (given the settings), but apparently that’s not the case. :thinking:

(omgold) #2

About the first problem, can’t say anything without a blend file.

About the second problem, you could create just a strip of quads, apply the curve deform on that and use duplifaces to get undeformed bulbs lined up on the curve.

(pauljs75_) #3

Made an approximation of what I was doing in the original .blend file. There’s actually a few features of particles it uses, because it makes things easier. (Like having an index input for materials.) But still not sure how to get the things to align.

BulbStrandTest.blend (572.9 KB)

(Serge L) #4

This test file seems to be fine. I’ve increased seed value and change it back to default to refresh particles, and they aligned.

EDIT: I guess you want animation. Then enable Rotation, and tweak Phase, Random option on Bulb system to randomize rotation

(omgold) #5

Okay, is the answer of @Serge_L sufficient, or do you need me looking, too?

(pauljs75_) #6

Not quite done…

I did some more digging myself. :mag: The example blend somehow doesn’t reflect what’s going on with the original. (Was comparing the two and wondering why the suggestion still didn’t work.) But I found it has to do with the particle numbering. It’s seen when changing the display mode from object to one of the other visible reference settings and enabling show number.

In the example I sent, the numbering of the original and duplicate particle systems matches. That is 0 is at one end, and the last number (minus 1) is at the other end. So things are easier to fix.

In the working file, the numbering order of the duplicate particle system got mixed up somehow. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s numbering doesn’t match the first. Problem is that I don’t know exactly which setting affects this (being there’s a decent stack to scroll down through), and how would I reset that? I figured those particle numbers are combined with the randomization of the seed, so that’s why they don’t match.

So it seems I’m almost there. Or at least I’m on the right track to the nature of the problem.

Thanks for giving it a look so far.

(pauljs75_) #7

Turns out that when using more than one particle system, it creates another particle slot in the modifier stack. (And this is important when having particle systems with the “use modifier stack” enabled, as is needed in this case.) Apparently this new slot is added at the bottom of the list. So I had subdivision on the cord in the modifier stack before the extra system for the sockets was added. Bump the other particle set above that in the modifier stack and…



Easy to overlook, since I was looking at particle stuff and not paying attention to the other object properties.

I guess we can call it solved now. :+1: