Particle emmitter following curve, particles emmited not...

If I have a particle emitter which is vertex parented to a thing that follows a curve, the mesh that emits the particles follows the curve, but the particles are emitted as if the emitter were not following the curve. How do I make the particles follow the emitter as the emitter follows the curve? Thanks.

Hmmm, it seems to work for me.

See attached BLEND.

I created a curve, and two cubes.
The Green cube follows the curve, and the Red cube is vertex parented to the Green cube that is following the curve. The Red cube is the emitter.

Are you dealing with Appened Linked files? I have seen it misbehave in that situation.


vertex_parent.blend (394 KB)

Hm, my copy says that your file was created in a newer version of blender.

I suppose I’ll try upgrading blender.