particle even distribution problem

Hi Guys,

I’m having trouble with an even particle distribution. I got this mesh and want some plant leaves objects as a particle on them so they form a bush. But the particles do not spread evenly. (even with that checkbox selected)

Also got some children on the object.
Render result:

Somehow the top is way more dense. (its not just the angle of the camera)
Does anyone know how to fix it or a work around?

Many thx!

Hmmmm, hard to say. Can you post a blend of just the bush?

Made a new scene with sort of the same setup, blend file here:

So, a bit harder to see but the top is denser than the most of the sides, especially the short backside.

I can’t fully explain why this is, but you can fix it pretty easily. Just add a subsurf 2/2, and move it above the particle system. And then in the particle system, check the check box ‘use modifier stack’

Thx Potox!
Seems to do the trick :slight_smile: