Particle Experiment (Boids with RBG Ipo)

I started to play with the new particle systems, a bit of a late start but oh well.

Anyway, I used boids particles, created a python script to make some random movement and applied that onto the emitter then put some RBG Ipo onto it as well. The result looks pretty cool:
Particle Experiment - Vimeo (300kb, 8 sec)

I’m planning now to find a sound analyser, analyse some songs and use that information to make something similar but to music.

Oooohhhh… I gotta try that myself!

If you want the script I’ll post it for you

Also, does anyone know of any programs that can analyse music and get the bass and treble frequency (?) out of it because I googled and just got a whole heap of garbage.

Have you looked at audio analysis?

Thank you heaps, I didn’t even know there was a blender script for it. Checking it out now, looks promising.