Particle Explosion Modifier on Rig System :/

Ok so this is a project I have been working on and i have the main character destroy the evil one. Its from zelda its pretty simple.

My problem is that i have an explode modifier on (i’m going to call him the “skull kid”) and i have a modifier where at a certain time the pieces of the skull kids mesh solidify, but at the end of the frames it seems that the particles jump in one frame that :confused: or move inconsistently from the bake here are Some PNG’s from the sequesce and just one example of the particles not following the bake is fame 182.

I have re-rendered and played with particle setting but nothing seems to work >:( im getting highly frustrated so if anyone could yell me what im doing wrong cause im sure its user error

Look at the first frame 181 and its good and follows pattern and so does 183 but 182 and a couple others the particles are just in other places that make the animation look horrible