Particle field riders XLC004X
Origionally was going to do a sun surface for this but then citing the difficulty it would take to arrange particles into solar flares and arcs it went to this

I must say this image has quite some complexity.
I dont really understand what is going on in this scene and what the hon-dex means, maybe you could explain?

It’s a pitty the fore ground is so washed out colorwise. you could really create some depth in the picture if you would tweak that some more.
I like the stars though.

Wow… I never would have guessed it, but you seem to have some sort of mind for mechanical construction.

what’s that on the top? Looks like an eggbeater.

Still sucks. Would like to give you some constructive critics but you´re too stupid.

OK, now that was uncalled for. If you want to make this personal, take it up in a PM, not in the thread please.


tell em like it is BgDM.

I like the sky kansas I think you should add more ships a buildings to the bottom.


The sky’s not that complex, I just used Blender’s star feature. I would use it to randomize the color a little but it gave pink and blue stars and other colors you don’t find in stars. Would be good to use that with the stars being big for a disco image.

the surface in the foreground is good. the angle is not very well chosen. I can hardly see what this is. reduce the gi and add a cold, blue glow from the surface (no radiosity, just lamps); that’ll rock!

I think it would look a lot better if the mechanical “thing” was textured. But I see the basic idea behind the image.

And what the hell was that for bigbad??? You got a problem? Take it up with a psycologist!


Kansas, I feel that you’ve finally understood it.
Great man!

this is one of the better works from you :smiley: I like the model

for some reason, i can never see your images, Kansas…

whenever i load a link to your album, i get this:

any idea why?


Still sucks. Would like to give you some constructive critics but you´re too stupid.

This is totally inappropriate, everybody deserves a chance on some constructive comment. What you do is say to a six year old that he’s too stupid to multiply… They deserve a chance to learn it and if you don’t understand that, then maybe you’re the one who’s too stupid.

ONTOPIC: Your work is getting better with every image you create, maybe you need some more details on the engine

It could be your firewall blocking the images. Do other people’s images display properly on Mudpuddle?

Ahh…Kansas, your lighting is much better now, it makes your scenes look…
…Like they are accualy 3D!!! :smiley:

Thats all I’ll say.

very nice, but i think it needs either another rider to help explain it or some more texturing to help identify the aspects of the scene.


it was FIrefoxes image blocking thingy…

strange, i dont remember setting it to look like that…

and, on Kansas_15’s latest work:

it looks… interesting…

i like the spacey feel of it overall, but there are some minor annoyances with the picture…

particularly the blindingly bright bottom half…

but definitely looking better


much better. how long in production was this?

Personally while the stars look ok, a real star texture would look better.

The camera angle makes this look very 2d imo, and the materials are too plain, the grey would look much better textured.

Alright you gave him constuctive critic. Lets see what he does. … Nothing as usual. His goal at elysiun is to score the highest posts ever.

But my behaviur was inexcusable. Sorry. Sorry Kansas15 for my bad comment.