Particle Fluid

Hello! I haven’t been using Blender NEARLY as much as I used to. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on BlenderArtists too. I already started a thread about this but it died, and I’m posting here because I want at least some popularity with this thread (feel free to move it mods). I was hoping that for Blender 2.50, I’d really like a Realflow style particle fluid simulator. In my opinion, I feel that it’s more versitile and has better visual results, and it’s not constrained to a box. Blender’s current voxel simulator creates lots of problems with liquids following long thin paths, because the box needs to be so big and lots of voxels are wasted, such as in the famous wine pour. Particle simulations, with heavily simplified equations, can be much faster than voxel fluid simulations and better for certain scenes, and I would really appreciate it if it were to be added in Blender 2.5x. I have no clue how difficult it would be to program it, because I have no programming experience. But I hope it’s easy enough for the Blender programmers to add to the official 2.50 release or 2.52 (after the 2.51 bug-fix). Thank you for reading this thread.

Just a quick question here. Are you wanting to write this addition or are you looking for someone else to write it? The last thread sounded like the former, but now its coming across as the latter.

Would you like fries with that too?

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but Realflow uses LMB (Elbeem) just like Blender. It doesn’t use SHP (smoothed hydro particles) like in Finding Nemo, which by the way is inferior then LMB on a great number of points.

And by the way, Blender has the added option of using particles in its fluid sim to fake splashed droplets. Have been so long away from Blender?

Realflow uses a fluid solver of their own design ‘extended particle hydrodynamics’ am sketchy on the details but my hench, this is only my hench, is that its closer to SPH (smoothed particle hydrodynamics:)) than LBM, you don’t need a domain grid which you do need in LBM (Lattice Boltzmann methods:)).

According to page RF does not use LMB.
SPH does not need a grid/domain ,because particles represent mass.


I imagine you will get a number of replies berating you for having a “gimme gimme” attitude even though you asked quite intelligently for this feature. Aside from the formatting of your block of text making it a little hard to read, it seemed to be smartly written, but there are some fundamental errors in your approach. I’ll try to explain.

Most of the coders that work on Blender do it in their free time. That means that if they choose to spend their free time coding for Blender, it will probably be something they are interested in, and not what the consensus votes on.

That being said, have you visited BlenderStorm? Anyone can make proposals and vote on their favorite project to be worked on. This still does not guarantee that the top project will be worked on, but it is a way for developers that may not have a chosen focus to get some ideas on what the community is interested in.

Lastly, about the amount of effort to integrate a new particle-based fluid system - I do believe that the current fluid simulator was integrated by a student under the Google Summer of Code, which means that he was paid for his work (done within a specific time frame - not spare time here and there). I’m also guessing that it took more than just the summer for the code to be reviewed and approved to be put into trunk, and I’d think that time frame would be a number of months. This means that that the chances of a new particle-based fluid system to be coded, tested, and integrated into Blender by the release of 2.50 or even 2.60 are slim, and will require much more than a request thread in the community forum to get it done. Your best bet is to start to learn to program now, and create the system yourself.

Best of luck, and welcome back to Blender!

Well, then this may make you wanna smile then:

Although it looks like it will never be implemented.

I second that, too hard to read so I just skipped directly to the replies.

I’ve currently been looking into writting a python script to implement a SPH based fluid solver, it still extremely early days but I would love some of your input into my thread,

Maybe by the time I learn how to program, I think they’ll already add it to Blender. Either way it’ll take patience.