Particle Forces and Deflections in Blender 2.34

Can someone please help me understand how to use the Force Field Strength and Force Field Fall Off settings in the Particle Interaction panel? I know that you have to recalculate after making new settings.

I understand the Deflection part.

I looked at the full release notes and tried to do the same thing as the examples shows but I can not get it to work right. If someone can write out a small step by step tutorial on this I would appreciate it.

I also want to know if the avi demonstration video in the release notes was made with just one Particle emmiter. If so can anyone explain how this was done. I believe I could do it with two emmiters.


a force field is pretty straight forward to use. simply turn up the strength value, recalc all particles and watch them head towards the forcefiled-objects center. the falloff value is tricky, as it easily makes the effect almost disappear - i don’t fully get the hang of it, either. so, leave it at zero for now to see the effect.