Particle grass

I’m tryin to get grass as a particle effect I think I have it down but I’m not sure how I can make the leaves on a tree can someone help me out? please and crits on grass would be nice as well

Grass still needs alot of work.

Try adding more of it, too.

For the tree I know how you can get a simple leaf shape

Add a plane
Extrude the north end a little and then do it for the south end and subsurf

You should get something like this


forewarning: I am exceptionally drunk right now, so feel free to disregard my comments :slight_smile:

I’d personally recommend using particles to spawn dupliverts of a flat plane with a leaf texture (bare minimum: alpha, col. preferably: bump,nor,hard/spec too)

once I’ve sobered up I’ll put together a simple demo – provided I remember… :slight_smile:

Anyone want to pick this one up in my stead? %|

coffeeeeeeee… you need cofffffeeeeeeeeee!

Makin a leaf is simple I don’t know how to make a convincing tree thats what I’m tryin to get help on I’ve tried dupliverts but they dont work to well. I’ll try adding more grass as well.

This is the same image with more particles and shorter grass. how can I make the grass look solid?

i refer you to here…

ok so here is a grass update the scene is a bit different but the main focus is still there, grass. I am still having trouble on getting the grass to look like it’s solid can someone help me out.

Thanks to Max’s post I got the grass to look better I had to turn the add down and turn the actual color of the grass up here’s my updated pic.

ok here is a more updated pic of the grass. This time I tried for a more late evening early morning feel. Now I’m going to get some twigs and flowers on the floor and I think I will be done with my pic. I think I might give some open floor patches as well. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress as I finish on the rest of this project. some crits and ideas for this pic are welcome. the grass was too dark on last image so I made it a bit more visible.

I can’t see the grass ONE BIT. Please brighten it!

Nevermind, I brightened it for you:

All my pics always come out darker than I think they are I think I need to brighten my contrast on monitor.

Sorry It took so long I got busy and hade no time to finish but now I have and here is my finished work please give some crits on what I could do
to make this shot better.

If you can’t see it sorry it looks fine on a desktop and in a blender render I dont know why it comes out so dark on this page.