Particle Grass

Hi all, my first post here. I’m a total newbie to blender (and 3D in general although I played with Max and Maya a little before) and thought I should start with some tutorials.

This image is my result after following Andrew Price’s tutorial on realistic grass. I’m using Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 though so I had to figure out some settings on my own and tweak it until it worked. Still not really happy with the colours, but meh, I’ve had plenty of grass now to last me a lifetime.

I’m also thinking of converting the video tutorial I watched to a text-based tutorial updated for 2.5 alpha 2 and possibly including information on weight painting the grass for density and length if anyone is interested?


Wow thats impressive! Shame the lighting (judging by the sky) doesnt make sense.

yeah, (it looks more like) a dusk lighting on the grass, it feels too flat with that sky. If the light didn’t hit it so uniformly, it would look better.

what were render times?

Yeah I’m not really all that happy with how it looks (although it’s not too bad for a first try). I really don’t wanna mess with it any more though. Maybe I will return to it when I’m better at blender :slight_smile:

Render time for a 1920x1080 still was under 3 minutes on a dual-core Celeron T3100 laptop w/ 3GB RAM. Quite fast really considering the amount of particles.

Any chance we can see the settings that you used?

Just follow this tutorial! I don’t know any tutorial as good as this for creating realistic grass!