Particle Hair Mesh?

Researching around for particle hair animation techniques, I stumbled across this:

Its an old plugin for 3ds max that allows for the generation of hair through meshes, probably calculates the direction the particle strand goes relative to the edgeloops. The math flew over my head, thankfully it didn’t leave a bald spot.
I’ve been out of the loop with the blender developments since 2.7. Has the development of Cosmos Laundromat brought something similar, or am I still stuck using combs & curves?

I assume that you already have your hair set up and just want to animate it. If this is true, what you have to do is first set all the objects that it would touch as collision objects in the physics panel. Then, in the hair settings, check the box that says Hair Dynamics. This should get the simulation running just like you need.

I was thinking more along the lines of a hair shader. Make a volumetric mesh, apply a shader and Boom! Hair.
I know that Hairnet can create particle hair from geometry using mesh loops (I think), but I’m wonderying why not eliminate particles altogether?
Maybe this would be a good excuse for me to learn Python.

You can set hair particles to be visualized as an object (with limitations though, there’s no straightforward way to style it and it won’t assume the color of the texture of the emitter).