Particle Hair Physics 101

Alright guys, searching doesnt help me find what I am looking for so once again, I hope that posting here will help me find out what I am looking for.

I am attempting to animate a character with a hair simulation. The character has long hair (I’ll provide a picture) and I simply want her hair to move slightly but keep its shape. I also do not want the hair to go through the hair emitter mesh or the characters skin or clothing or w/e.

First issue: How would I stop the hair from going through the mesh? What am I missing here?
Second issue: How to have ALL the hair follow the mesh without parts at the end of a long hair strand to stay still in space?
and Final issue: How would I keep the form / shape of the hair as its animated?

I also believe that I might have to change the key framed timing for the animation for the simulation to work properly so if anyone has tips on how to do correct timing, that would be very helpful.

Oh! I found this example youtube video: It is pretty nice BUT Blender 2.74’s Hair Dynamics system makes almost all the options in the video obsolete.

So, the first thing that you could want to do would be to setup all of the mesh objects as collisions. To do this, select each of the objects that you want to set collision on, and, for each in tern, go to the physics panel and select collision. Once you have done this, go to your hair settings, scroll down, and check the box that says Hair Dynamics. That should do what you want.