Particle Hair Problem

Okay, so I’m making my first person, but when I try to give her a particle system, I run into a problem. The particle hair when only come out of the object center in one direction, does anyone else have such a problem?

EDIT: When I start Blender I do get an error message saying it was unable to locate the CoreAudioToolbox.dll plus the CoreVideo.dll components, could this have anything to do with it? Also, occasionally I can get one or two stray hairs on the body . . .

I fopund out just now why’s that: particles hate mirror modifyer (al least my particles seem to). When the particles modifier is below the mirror, it does this. I was jus about to ask about the same when I saw Your post… I donť like applying the mirror modyfier, it often calls problems. Anybody knowing a way around out there?