Particle Hair tutorial hard to follow

I’m trying to follow the hair particles tutorial at

Good beginning but I’m getting lost between fig 3 & 4 somewhere…

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As you can see from fig-3 you’re now in the material menu (F5). From there you need to create a new material and add a texture, actually it would be practical if you create 2 materials if you intend to keep the original mesh-object as well as the particle strands, but for now we will concentrate on shading the particles. Please make your selection exactly as shown in fig-3. Strand activates strand mapping and Alpha activates the alpha channel. The alpha channel contributes to making textures opaque and the texture background invisible. This is the trick we discussed earlier to make the texture fade out to nothing.

Let’s go work on the “fading texture”. We’re going to add an Blend gradient to our texture slot-1. Check out fig-4.
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Uh - hang on… where is that panel shown in fig 4? The “Texture” panel under “Shading” options (F5) does not have the “Texture type” drop down box shown in the tutorual and I can’t see the “Blend” panel next to it either. I am uising Blender 2.40, where am I going wrong?

You might want to try Aidan’s hair tut:

The one you are following now seems a bit outdated.

yeah, i agree…it does seem a bit outdated. And the other one is only a little help for textures and stuff (although it is GREAT :D)
I think ill be making a video tutorial for creating hair, animating (gravity and stuff), applying to the head and stopping it from falling through, and forces, like wind

Keep an eye on the forum, ill make a start soon :smiley: