Particle Halo Color Anim Not Working

I am trying to animate the halo color for particles but it is not working.
It works for a solid object, but when I convert a patch into particles, and make them static, their color does not change.
Any ideas?

Welcome to Blender Artists! I see this is your first post. First: You’re kinda in the wrong section. This should be in the Support section. Secondly, I think you are using 2.45. You should be using 2.46. Third, Animating Color’s are done by “I” insert key, color. You probably know that. Fourth, My one time trying to animate ike this was with “Ofs” for Ofset, and it was unsuccesful. Fifth, I don’t know if the I key works for Halos.
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Thanks. Yeah, sorry, I’ll post such questions to the support section in future.
thanks again.

animating colors for halos doesn’t work(i don’t know if that is on purpose or not) maybe in a future version.