Particle help...having trouble...

Okay, so I’m trying to make particles falling from an object hit a plane below it…so I set deflection settings on the lower plane and everything, hoping that the particles could run off of it, like water. To my surprise, the particles hit the plane like I wanted, but did not run off, it went along the plane’s face, far beyond where the plane dimensions were, for like 100 frames, it never fell, even with the Zforce set at -1.
Does anybody know what kind of deflection settings i should use for the particles to hit the plane, then fall off when it hits the edges? Thanks!!!

momoflakes - yes, I just tested this and there is certainly some strange behaviour at certain speeds and damping. I think your best bet is the amazing new particles patch by jahka - See the wiki. It can be found at

Does anyone know what official version jahkas particle will be included in?

Not 2.43, unfortunately, but it should be the release after that especially if jahka keeps going at his current rate!

Like this:


Thanks! Okay, indigomonkey, which patch am I looking for, there’s alot on the website, does it matter? Fligh: YES! like that! except, the particles kinda anticipate hitting the plane, when i put alot of particles like i want. I’ll try the patches that indigomonkey suggested. Thanks!