Particle ignoring Curve Guide

I’m trying to make a ghostbusters proton stream for a project. I have the curve doing what I want to create the stream but the blue lightning effect around it I can’t seem to get. I was going to try and use Halo or Line particles to get the effect, but for some reason the particles are completely ignoring the curve guide. The only thing I can think of was, to get the thing to render I had to Clear All Restrict Render on the curve itself, and I’m not positive if that had an effect on it.


Please upload blend file (

Added a curve modifier for the ParticleSystem and cleared a few location and rotations, to correct an offset of the particles with respect to the curve.
There is still an issue if you stop the animation mid-stream, that the curve is out of sync. It can be fixed if you reset the animation to frame 1 by pressing Shift + left arrow. Maybe some issue with the hooks?? I just took a quick look; so perhaps someone else can take a look into what is causing that issue.