Particle info node not working on blender with M1 silicon

Hi all

I’m still quite a noob but I’m having a lot of trouble with the particle info node. I’ve followed several tutorials and support threads already but I can’t reproduce what’s supposed to happen: the particle colour changing over time according to age (or indeed index or any other parameter). I’m now wondering if it could possibly be an M1 compatibility thing. I’m trying with Eevee, cycles and All in the material output and nothing works… Any ideas greatly appreciated!

The screenshot if the basic workflow I’m trying to use, as reccommended on all tutorials and forums I’ve seen (the material is applied to the particle object, not the emitter). But basically the color ramp remains on the first value and doesn’t change over time…

Thank you for any help.

ok I’m an idiot: it does work in cycles only, though it looks kind of terrible there but maybe I have to bake things first…

Although it isn’t an M1 thing as my intel desktop is doing the same thing (i.e not working in Eevee). Not sure if I’m talking to myself like a crazy person here:)