Particle Instance Modifier - Instance normals always default

Hi, i’m using the particle instance modifier to export a kind of frozen particle system to fbx. it works good so far, but one thing i cannot get right are the normals of the particle instances. I use an addon called “recalc vertex normals” which allows me to align the normals of my mesh to the global z-axis for example. it works fine for the original object but the particles seem to ignore those normals and default to “smooth”. Did i miss something ( is there a better way?) or is this normal behaviour? Thanks.

Noone any idea about this?

Can you post a small BLEND to show the problem?

Hi, attached is an example .blend.
But be careful not to tab into editing the foliage-source, because then normals get auto-smoothed again by blender (not very useful behaviour).
if you have the “recalc vertex normals” addon you can switch on the normal display to see the normals of the source object.

instance_normals.blend (449 KB)