particle interaction, wind plane issue

I am using the video tutorial from blender for my softbodies intro. I am having an issue with my plane “flying” off the screen when I introduce a wind object. My plane is weighted at the wind object side of the plane, yet still flies away. Anyone know what might cause this problem? As far as I can tell my settings are almost exact to those of the tutorial (well all that I can view in the screen capture anyway).

Hi there! Remember having the same problem. Sure there are some constraints that are set diffferently than the default, but not covered in the tut. My work around was to reduce the wind force to a minimium, and select and scale the wind object completely down. Got some great results with it :slight_smile: Hope someone tells us the 'proper’way :slight_smile:

I tried turning the wind down and scaling the object and the plane doesn’t fly of the screen, but it still moves from where I want it anchored (the red in weight paint).

A much better way to control the wind is to turn up the Fall off: put it around 1.44. The wind strength @ 12. Gives you a nice breeze, and the top of the curtain should stay in place. No need to scale this one. Hope that solved that one :smiley:

make sure you have goal enabled. Even with weight paint it needs to be on. also try using a vertex group on the mesh as a ancour.

To do this add a vertex group. Then on the softbody buttons, theres a up/down arrow next to the “use goal” button, your vertex group should now come up if you click it. This group will be fixed.

hope this helps


Great! Thanks guys that got me much much closer to where I want to be! I appreciate the help. Do you know of any other tuts on soft bodies besides the one on the blender site?