Particle interaction

I have been messing around with particle interaction and have not had much luck. am I missing something like do I have to parent the deflecting mesh to the partilce emiter or what.
So if anyone has figured it out yet could you please tell me I would appreciate it.

I’m lost here too. I thought you might just have to set the effect to the meshes that are to defletc, etc, but it doesn;t seemt ot work that way.

You have one object set to emit particles, and another mesh set as the deflector.


I already tried that no luck.

I already tried that it didnt work.
oh sorry for the double post i didnt mean to do that.

You have to hit recalc on the particle emitter.

  • create an emitter. set Norm, Rand.
  • create an empty.
  • in particle interaction tab, choose force field. turn up strength.
  • select emitter, hit recalc all (or enter - leave edit mode).
  • watch.

it’s really easy.

for improved results, turn up the keys (particle paths use keyframes. more kesframes means more precise results)