Particle Interaction

Where can I find a tutorial on Partical Interaction? I have tried looking here but it does not explain in detail so I’m lost :frowning:

If there are no other tutorials, a quick explanation will be helpful.

My impression is that the general concept being used here ought to be straightforward. Perhaps you could elaborate on your questions here.

As I read the description of the feature, my impression is that particles do not interact with one another, but that their movement through space can be affected in various speciic ways by nearby objects: - Particles can be attracted to them. - Particles can be repelled from them. - Particles can bounce off of them. The amount of attraction, repulsion, or springiness is linked to the IPO system so that it can be regulated over-time.

So, let’s just chat it up here. :slight_smile: What are your questions; someone surely can quickly answer them.

Sorry if I was being too general. I was basically wondering how the fire and the blue flying thingy was accomplised as shown here

I have experimented with the interaction parameters and have a tiny idea of how the deflection and the Force fields work.

So now, my question really is how can I recreate this?

Have a look here: (.blend files are linked from that page)