Particle IP/cloud effect

Howdy, I’m trying to make a particle system that tapers towards the top. I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this with an IP editor, or if I have to model the cone shape I want, then make the particle system off that.

I’m trying to get a cloud effect that has a really wide dense base that comes out to a tip where the particles are more thinly dispersed. Is there a way to do that other than just using a mesh that looks like it?

I have another question. Why aren’t halo or particle settings available in the IPO editor? or am I just missing something?

Wrap the Particle emitter and the ParticleCloud in a Lattice and use a Texture set to Int or Grad for Velocity to get a “speed gradient”.

Only HaloSize has an Ipo slot (Material context in IPO window).


lame :(… thnx for the reply.

Can you go a little more in depth about the lattice thing? I think I know what you’re talking about, but I just want to make sure.

Just Add a Lattice, scale it up so it covers the 3D Space the Particle Emitter and it’s Particles occupy, Ctrl-A on both objects in Object mode. Add a Lattice Madifier to the Particle Emitter Object and type in the Object Name of you Lattice. In Edit mode shape the Lattice to give the ParticleCloud it’s shape.