Particle Landings?

Yo, I’m trying to make some particles fly from one spot, then land in another spot. The particles are working fine, but I don’t know how to get them to land (sorry I don’t know how to better explain it). My particles are dupliverted arrows, and I need them to just stick in the ground when they land at z=0. How can I do this? Sorry if I’m too vague…

yo dog, sup? so you’re liking the arrow thang, eh boy? well you gots to get em up in da air wit a positive Z force, if youz know what I’m saying. and then a little rotate whilz the gravity works on em, ya, know. but ur question, while it’s all good, is an Animation question, not likin a Composition question, ya know.

Or, youz could just have em follow a path, like it sez in da wiki, just keep em oriented to the path so they stick.

m15399, look at this. It’s currently only patched, but if you look at there is a patch of it.

Okay, thanks for your help. I will be sure to try that!