Particle Limits?

Is there a way to get more than 100k particles to emit from an emitter in Blender?

In fact it seems that there are a number of max values which I might want to exceed. By a lot. How can I work around this?


Cool thing about Blender is that the particle system updates for that given frame as you adjust values. That is a very cool feature. Nice.

Umm… Why not duplicating the particles’ mesh? If you’re a programmer you can also try to change the limit in the source.
Thant’s the best I can give you.

Won’t duplicating the particle’s mesh create two, separate particle systems? Is this really the best way to do this?

By changing the limit in the source do you mean messing with the source code, or is the limit imposed on the UI and it is possible to overdrive some values using Python? I have no idea how to do this yet in Blender - I suppose I will someitme soon. I hope.