Particle Material Troubles

I have been trying to make something look as if it was being blown to bits with balls of fire all around it. I have been using the explode modifier, and rendering the emitter. I have found that the material the particles use is the first material for that object. I can’t find a way to change that so I just made that a halo material. When I did that the object became haloey if you know what I mean.:o :smiley:
By this I mean it became a bunch of dots. Anyhow, if I make one of it’s other materials halo it doesn’t seem to matter. What I want to know is if anybody else knows how to change the material that the particles use, or if anyone has another solution.
ZippyZap :slight_smile:

I may be misunderstanding your question (and forgive me if I do) but if you select the emitter object and go to material buttons and click the material selector dropdown menu and hit “ADD NEW” this should give the particles a different material. Of course it will be a copy of the original material so you will have to change it to see the difference.

Hope this helps.

You said you’re using the explode modifier… so do you still want to render the particles and give them a other material or do you want to give the mesh another material when it explodes? Because if you want to do the second thing, you need to have two equal objects and the first one displays only unborn particles, and the second one displays only alive and dead particles.

Nion: Render the particles and give them a different material.

Ok… go to the editing buttons (F9) and in the link and materials panel click new where it says material. You should be able to switch between the two materials in the material settings (next to the material’s name) and give them two different settings. And in the particle buttons in the visualization panel, you can choose your second material for the particles.

OK Thanks so much. :evilgrin::p:eyebrowlift::yes: