particle-mesh parenting & armatures

I did the fish shoal example at:

Its about mesh-emitting particles, with a lattice parent so the objects follow a volume rather than a flat path. (Wish I’d known this for my ships launching from a hanger!)

The problem is that when I tried to add an armature to the fish to make it swim, then it replaces the lattice and the particles don’t follow the lattice any more.

Are RVKs the only way to do this? The new sliders are cool, probably will make it easier once I get RVKs figured out, but I want to use armatures!

Can I do a vertex-parent of the armature? Doesn’t seem to be working yet, but…

armatures are updated on each frame,
particles are calculated beforehand

they do not work together

you know that there is another active thread with the same idea on the same forum?

at one time dynamica (a python script, and stuff) could be used to simulate blender’s particles, and work around the armature problem, but it only works with blender 2.23. (I never did get it working, probably because I didn’t instal python 2.0)

:expressionless: Er… I knew that. I was going to reply to that thread.
I should have figured that out though.

Blender really need a more robust particle and physics system or people are just going to drift off.

I disagree with you, dgebel, people aren’t going to drift off. Blender has an enourmous community, comprized of loyal, intelligent users. It may even be one of these users that figures out the solution to this dillema.

Blender is my 3d-app of choice, not only because it is opensource and free, but also because of the interface, and the warmth and support given by those who use it.

I wouldn’t worry about the developement issue, it seems as though it is going strong. Just think of all the additions to 2.28 over 2.27!!