Particle Mode to Object Mode.. Hair Particles

I add and remove hair particles in particle mode, and my changes aren’t reflected in object mode. Blender 2.5.

This problem is really keeping me from continuing on my project.

what do you mean exactly, changing the number of particles emitted or cutting hairs or deleting hairs?

Adding and cutting hairs. Whenever I add or cut hairs in particle mode, I switch back to object mode and all the changes I made go away. Yet I can still switch back into particle mode again, and all my changes come back. Essentially, I can go into particle mode, use the add tool to splatter a bunch of hairs all over the place, press render, and not see them.

double post.

It seems you have to bake the particles using hair dynamics now. There will be a tab called hair dynamics in the particle system. Check the box next to it and then go to the cache and set the end to 1 if you just want non moving hair. I hope I helped