Particle Modifier and turning hair into mesh object

I made some here on and icosphere just as a test of the new particle features in 2.46. I combed it then I click the button in the particle modifier to turn the hair particles into a mesh that works fine. BUT when I put the emitter on no visible layer and just try to render that mesh hair that is on the visible layer the render comes out just blank blue. Can that hair mesh NOT be rendered?

The problem is that the mesh copy has no faces. It is just edges. To render it, you will need to set its material as either Halo or Wire.

i have found another solution for that.

in edit mode you can use the script edges to curve.
then all you have to do is set a curvecircle as the bevelobjekt for your new haircurveobject.
adjust the settings and voila.

edit: and it may be usefull to convert them to beziers so you can use the autoalign.

and then use shift-at-c to convert them all back to a mesh. Brillant idea.

Is there not some keystroke that add faces to a set of edges. I seem to remember that from way way back.

bump to try to get and answer to the keystroke question
But I still need to know how to convert that mesh from a hair particle system to a mesh so that it DOES have faces.

Select the vertices of the mesh and hit ‘Shift-F’ to fill with faces. When you select the edges, you should find that in the header ‘Mesh - Faces - Fill’. If you just want the emitter to render, you can select that in the Particles Visualization panel.

Shift-f in the edit mode does nothing. If I press F key I get a sub menu with a selection to create a loop if I select that it makes faces but they all have the same size and seem to be connected together as in this screen shot


Here is the simplest thing I could find. Convert to mesh, select All in Edit mode, press E to extrude all edges, then press Esc, Alt-S .001, and enter. This will extrude all the strands into planes that are very small. They will then render, however they will be tiny ribbons not rounded shafts. For this I think you will need to do what florianfelix suggested with curves.

Exactly what I was looking for DichotomyMatt. You solved the problem.

Hi All,

I know this thread is old but I found it while trying to figure out how to export hair from blender to be rendered in other apps. If you follow the Alt-S method you get flat planes. If you then select everything again with a, extrude and hit Esc, hit alt-s again and enter 0.001 again you will get square hairs :slight_smile: (I haven’t actually tried this yet but it should work).

The problem then is that the hairs will not get thinner towards the end so I will also try the curve method as you should also be able to add a taper object to get the hairs to get thinner… I’ll try this tonight and let you guys know…

hope it makes sense,

so I tested the edge to curve, bev with circle method last night and the curve thing works fine for one strand but for multiple the bev ob just doesn’t show up… anyone get this to work?