Particle Morphing Tools (First Part Updated)

(sftd) #1



This is an updated version of first part of Particle Morphing Tools (PMT) Addon. I included 4 tutorials where I tried to explain all available options. There should also soon appear 5 tutorial with effects examples and new preview.

I will setup something soon for bug reporting.

Hope you will find this addon useful.

I am also working on part 2 (PMT Particles) and 3 (PMT Group Morphing) which previews you have already seen.

  • Should work with all newer builds
  • Download and extract to addond folder
  • Addon is in object category

Have fun.


First Part Preview:

Old Preview:


  1. Introduction:

  2. PMT Shape Keys:

  3. PMT Shape Keys Operators:

  4. PMT Materials:

  5. PMT Effects Examples:

  • Coming soon.

(bls) #2

Fantastic I 'll give it a try.
Thank you!

(swathi) #3

Look Amazing, thank you

(blendswap) #4

Sweet was just thinking about this today, will give it a go.

(SunBurn) #5

Wow, very interesting and extremely useful for motion graphics, thank you sftd

(zeffii) #6

mad cool visuals, thanks for sharing!

(blendswap) #7

@sftd, in the video you say you won’t be able to work on this for a while, do you mind me asking why? I think this is an amazing addon with HUGE possibilities, I just don’t want to see it get set aside and forgotten about.

(sftd) #8

Thank You all for comments. I am glad You see future for this AddOn.

Well actually reason is quite selfish… I am going on a 4 week windsurfing trip to Greece :wink:

Maybe “won’t be able to work on it” was not the whole truth. I will try to finish this up during this 4 weeks. There isn’t actually that much work left, but I also have some work related projects I need to finish (and finally write my master thesis :wink: ).

So summing it up:
AddOn will be probably ready in next week or two, but I can’t be sure how much free-blender time I will find. No promises :slight_smile:

I will try to keep You posted :wink:

(blendswap) #9

@sftd Couple questions and suggestions. First in your preview video you showed a week or so ago, you have a couple sections where your meshes split into almost random rocks and then reform. How did you achieve this? Wondering if you are working on smooth shading to work with this as well as subdivision surface.


Also in my sample video it looks to me like the faces are not morphing into each other put just being added and disappearing at random times, thinking this is something I did. But wasn’t sure what it is.

I also noticed that if you have a PMT particle system set up and running and then try and do the material switch, you get an error. Not sure if this is expected or not. Was also wondering if the material option works with textures applied. Didn’t get a chance to test.

Anyways great stuff, can’t wait to see it evolve.

(SamCameron) #10

Holy s*it!!! it’s SO good, this must be included in the official builds!

(Fatesailor) #11

Excellent… a tool that should be included in the official builds, indeed…

(Lalani) #12

Very easy to use but I can find group morphing. is that in development? I was working on the first morphing from the demo where it looks like it is morphing a fractured object.

(sftd) #13


I am currently on hollidays, but I am working on this Add-On in my free time. I think I will finish until and of this week.

In new version setting up particles will be much simpler. For now there can be so many things wrong with Your setup and my Add-On that I won’t even try to guess :slight_smile:

Fracture morphing You saw in my preview is using “group morphing” which I am currently implementing and wasn’t included in my “preview Add-On”. Please be patient :wink:

I will try to give You Beta version od this Add-On as I said till the end of the week.

Cheers :wink:

(blendswap) #14

@stfd, Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for the Beta, have a good holiday.

(Lalani) #15

This is my new favorite tool. I only had my last favorite 3 weeks.

(TheElwolf) #16

Any new update available on this cool add on? ( it as been 2 weeks you know… :smiley:

(SaiZyca) #17

Amazing tool~ Is that possible to morph follow spline ?

like thinking particle’s “blurp”

(sftd) #18

Hello everyone.

I owe You a big appology, but I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted in time (partially my fault, partially my laptops battery :/).

I was away from home and came back yesterday. What I did so far:

  • improved performence and add some useful options to first part of PMT

What I will try to finish before next monday:

  • pmt particles
  • pmt group morphing

I will try to make a tutorial on new options today, or tomorrow and put a new version of Add-On (Beta) online.

I am really sorry for the delay :frowning:

Kind of yes. I will show You how in upcoming tutorial.

Cheers :slight_smile: and once again sorry! :frowning:

(blendswap) #19

Awesome, can’t wait…

(Lalani) #20

Good, I’m glad you are ok.