Particle nodes in 2.9 / how / where

good day community,
I am somewhat familiar with how the particle nodes work in one of the experimental 2.8 branches work
(using the bParticle modifier) from 2019

I am now trying any of the blender 2.9 builds, have located the simulation nodes and can’t find many of the known nodes. particle type is missing for example so i cant even get a simple emitter going.

is it just not complete and the current builds don’t include a working version or has the method changed?
I’d appreciate if anyone could point me the way
looks like i am missing something fundamental here…
many thanks

particles nodes are not yet ready for “normal” use, hence why they are in “experimental” mode, you can follow the current development here:

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yes, thank you.
I’m checking this site every now and then and thought that the existing nodes would at least do ‘something’ (basic emitters etc) - I suppose i have to be more patient.
thanks again

just for the record, as others might wonder too, one of the devs confirmed that particle nodes will not be included in 2.9

this is how ez this question is answered: