Particle nodes vs everything nodes

I was kinda wondered, when looking at the 2.91 dev mode particle nodes.
Isnt animation nodes branch far ahead of it ?

Particles Nodes is part of Everything Nodes while Animation Nodes is a python addon and is not directly related to the other two.

Animation nodes is “just” an python addon, everything nodes is will be a native part of blender (particle nodes is the first step). It’s developed by the same guy actually.

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So . he’s rewritting python code for speed in c++ now

Animation nodes is an addon using ability of python API to create custom nodes tree for any kind of data accessible with it.

So, currently, addons can be used to make procedural modeling and animations.
So, addon writers, outside of core development, can develop their tools needing nodes.

“Everything Nodes” project is a target to change default UI of blender to use nodes to manage everything. (Not just compositing, shaders and textures but also brushes, particles, modifiers, constraints…)
So, “Everything Nodes” is long-term task.

Particle nodes are just first step of “Everything nodes” goal.

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