Particle object collide like bullet

I have made a particle emitter emitting objects as the particles (2.47). I used the Suzanne mesh just for starters. I then created a plane below the emitter for the objects to collide with. When I run the animation, the objects don’t really collide with the plane, just the centers of the objects do. There is no collision like what would happen with the bullet engine.

Is there any way to do that? True collision of a particle object with another object?


I tried to find a real collision with particles and the particles self-collision too, but, Can’t find… I just found a option on “extras” pannel called “Size Deflect”… the bounds of particles is only spherical, no matter the form of your particles… if you have a cube or suzanne head as particles, it will roll like a sphere. With the Size Deflect option you can adjust the size of bound and fix particles that collide just in center.
That’s what I learn playing with particles.

Where can we request that this feature be added? It seems like it would be very useful, even if it was slow. I would be willing to wait for a render for it.