Particle object physics (added video)

Hello everybody.

First of all please bear with me. This is my first post here and I´ve been using Blender 2.46 for about a month. It really seems like a great (and free!) alternative to the commercial packages.
Also I´m from Norway so please excuse my bad english…

So here´s the thing:

I´ve been doing some experimenting this week trying to animate a road being torn up. I´m using newtonian particles with a mesh object as visualization - Basically an extruded plane with some torn edges. I also have a plane as collision deflector and I want the particle objects to crash on this plane, bounce and spin a little and then settle down to a realistic position (laying down).

The problems are:

  • The particle objects looks like they act as a sphere in that when they loose speed and settles their rotation are wrong. Some stands uprise and some halfway laying down if you see what I mean. I know 3ds max have “goto rotation” option that allows you to tell what rotation particles will settle in.

  • Parts of the particle objects go through the deflection plane when colliding with it.

Hope you boys and girls can help me out here. Even if it means a whole different approach to achive this effect.

PS I tried to upload the .blend file but it´s too large (1.3 mb) any tips on this as well?

Espen aka ezpRado

What shape is being used for collision detection? The default is “sphere,” I think…

I don´t even know where to set the collision shape :confused: Please enlighten me!

Espen aka ezpRado


on your particle system settings, you can try enabling “size deflect” under the “extras” tab.

I´ve tried the size deflect but then the particles fall right through my deflection plane…

Espen aka ezpRado

I looked for this option too… can’t find. Blender just have particles colisions as particles only! Not objects colisions… What you want is emission of hard bodies… with particles it won’t work.

Thanks for clearing that Eversimo! So is there a way to emit hard bodies? Or do I have to set up a physics situation and record it to IPO?

Espen aka ezpRado

I see some physics with game engine that use a hard body emitter. But I don’t know if this is recordable by Ipo curves and I don’t know how to do this. sorry! I want so much this option too, I won’t stop to search. If I find somthing I will post here or in a new thread.