Particle Object to Inherit Uniform Colour from Emitter

I have a particle system which is rendering as objects. I would like each of these objects to have a uniform colour. I would like the colour to be dictated by the underlying material of the emitter. I.e. if the particle is emitted from a red part of the emitter, it should be red all over, if it’s emitted from a blue part, blue all over.

I thought that this question would solve the problem for me:

Particle Color based on where the particle is emitted?
but it does not seem to work for me.

There are a couple of other similar questions. This one shows a solution where the emitter texture is mapped across the particle object — I want a uniform colour instead.

This one seems similar to my issue:

but the solution is that it is a bug specific to when the emitter has modifiers applied to it, which I do not.

Here is my simple MWE .blend:

and below is a screenshot:

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hello Swest,

i am at the same point as you have been nearly 2 years ago.

Have you found a solution to this? If possible without Geo Nodes cause i want to combine that technique with the Graswald or Botaniq addon.

thanks in advance

Hi Sebastian

See the post here: