Particle Objects Animation is Synchronized

I’m trying to animate a whole bunch of flies invading my backyard. Each fly is a group of 4 objects: The fly, wings (2), and the armature. I have one looping animation for the wings, and one looping animation to control the fly’s body. I use this group as a particle so I can easily have hundreds of them, the only problem is that their animations are all exactly at the same frame, so it looks really bad. It’d be nice if it started playing their animation when they were born, rather than playing it at the same global time.

This is not possible with armatures. Parent the wings to an empty and animate the rotation of that empty. This is played in local time.

Just make multiple copies of your Fly. Then use multiple emitters with a different Fly group for each emitter.

Yea I’m thinking of doing this as a last resort. Looks like I’ll have to do it.

@SoylentGreen There is a lot more being animated than just the wings.