Particle Objects fade over life?

I need my particle object to fade over life. They are simple balls with hair emitted from them.

I have tried everything I could think of, but they simply won’t do it.

Yes, they won’t. You can’t do that. You could scale them, but the material animation is not played in lifetime.

Soylent, I believe it is.

Assign an animated material to the particles (enable ztrans). Have the alpha value of the material fade to 0 over say, 100 frames. See the wiki or my book pp 222-223 on animating materials. As the particle is born, it’s life corresponds to the material frame, so it will fade out over 100 frames after it is born.

I may have misunderstood the question. I thought Glinkis used object visualisation for a particle emitter.

Sometimes you can set the ‘animate’ in the particle tabs to TimeIndex (X-Y). Then have a linear blend texture mapped to double alpha, noRGB, and devar as 0. (white as opaque) I talked about it in this video: I don’t know if that is going to work for your case though. I would need to have more details.

SoylentGreen still appears to be right; while you can animate alpha over particle life for billboard or halo particle types, it does not work when using ‘object’ particles. it seems like such an arbitrary restriction since you can animate other object ipo’s over the particle life (like pos/rot/scale).

does anyone know if 2.5’s ‘make everything animateable’ will address this issue? the latest build i tried hasn’t implemented the rendering of object particles for me to test.

Haven’t heard anything final yet. Some people have been talking about it all ready though.