Particle objects with different textures

I have a particle system where the particles are objects (say, Plane.001) Now what I want is that all these ‘particles’ have different textures. I could use a video texture, but how do I set the offset for every seperate ‘particle’ ( = dupli’s of Plane.001)? Maybe I need a Python code?

Python is good, but could you try making three or four objects with different settings?

Else, python is probably required.

I don’t know for sure though, I know only so much about partial systems, and there maybe another way.

Just use a different particle system for every texture you want to present.

what I want is to have a lot of different photo’s (~200) ‘raining’ down. I thought textured particles was the easiest way, but still don’t know how to assign a random photo to a particular particle…

You can’t

Like I said one texture per particle system. Just setup 200 hundred particle systems. Or revise your concept.

You could minimize the number of particle systems needed by using billboard particles. Create a sprite graphics file for the billboard particles consisting of a grid of the photos. The resolution requirements for your final shot will help to determine how many photos you can reasonably setup in a single sprite graphics file. The smaller the size you can get away with for your photos, the better.

Anyway, you can then have Blender randomly select individual photos from the sprite graphics file that you map to the billboard particles.

I created a “magic wand” particles tutorial that should cover just about everything you’ll need.

that was what I was looking for, thanks!

Thanks for reminding me about UV split. I forgot you can deliver different parts of an image to different particles in the same system.

This BLEND file demonstrates that. Press the ANIM button, you have to actually view the rendered result.


ras_billboard_UV_split.blend (321 KB)