Particle Path question

Hey, I need a detailed tutorial on making the static particles deflect with a guide path. I can’t get it to work following this page:

I tried following what the page said, exactly…but first of all, there is no “physics” tab in the object buttons. Second of all, it says to set the Curve to Path. How? Where is that button? Third the info page says

“The Curve needs the option “Path” set to work. Blender sets this option when you assign a Curve Object this force field type.”

What force field type? I’m confused. I used to be able to get it to work in earlier cvs builds but for some reason now it won’t work the same way. I have the very latest alpha 2 release.

thanks in advance,

I have the very latest alpha 2 release.

and does it show the two tabs exactly as the bottom pic in that page you linked to?

If NO then loose 100 and go to jail.

If YES then select curve and goto F9, Curve and Surface tab and click “CurvePath” at bottom left. Proceed to F7 and find “Fields and Defection” tab (which should be fields and defLection) and find “Force Field”

(I don’t have this build yet but I’m pretty sure everything is still in the tabs I mention even if the tabs are somewhere else. If you don’t have it either look in News and Chat for LGuillame’s thread about it)