Particle Physics

(shibbydude) #1

I have been using Blender for a while now and am working for a pneumatic conveying company right now. I need to make a system that conveys particles. Here is a picture of the system.
Is there a way that I can have particles fall through the system and be stopped by the walls and flaps? Is there a way to constrain movement of the particles to a certain area and have the constraints change? This is a hard post and I am pretty sure that this can be done with python but i am not a progrrammer. If anyone has some tips or tutorials please tell me if you understand what I am asking.

(Dittohead) #2

Unfortunitly, Blender does not have particle dynamics (particle dynamics is basicly what you’re talking about in your post).

There is a python script called “Dynamica”, which has particle dynamics, rigid body dynamics and (i think) soft-body dynamics. It’s still in alpha and it’s not being released yet, so basicly your on your own.

(shibbydude) #3

that sucks

(theeth) #4

in its current state, Dynamica could not do what you want…


(shibbydude) #5

Thank you Theeth for your speedy reply. Thanks for the information; it was just wishful thinking.