Particle Placement Map does nothing - what I am doing wrong?


just experimented with particle placement textures for a gradient hair grooming. Painted the eyes white to see if the hairs change accordingly. Nothing happened.
Here are my preferences in particles and textures (the mesh is UV unwrapped of course):

What is the wrong prefernece? I already fiddled around but none of them does remove hairs only in the black or the white area.

Big thx to anyone which has an idea how to get this right. :slight_smile:

PS: Doing anything to the values of Density/Length has an effect, but it is NOT recognizing my texture. :confused:

For me it works with the color ramp on the texture disabled, but not with it enabled. When it is enabled, it behaves just like you describe.

thx, but for me, without ramp I can change the density and length with minus parameters. But only on the whole object. Not related to the texture. (placement)

With calculated activated, my texture shows correctly at least (in the texture preview). But it doesn’t do anything. No change to the particle placement.

If it helps, take a look:

hair-texture.blend (542.8 KB)

If not, I would have to see your blend file, to diagnose the issue.

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WOW! Thank you. Very cool. Big thx. With your file I figured it out. I didn’t specify the coordinates as “UV”, like you. Didn’t know the need to map this but now it sounds like logic. XD
Awsome. Thx.