Particle problem *need quick help*

Hello everybody,

I have a mesh with 741 (39x19) vertices. And I want each vertice to emit a particle.
And each particle should have the same speed.

But if you look at my screenshot, you will see that some vertices emit particles (even more than one) and some vertices dont emit particles.

Why is that? My random value is zero.
What can I do?

Kind regards, Jan


If you want just one particle to be emitted from each vertex all at the same time, make the difference between Start: and End: just one frame. Also your screenshot shows you have 753 vertices, not 741.

this doesnt work, because I’m creating an animation.
But I understood that the emitter spreads the particles over the whole time-span (Start to End).

I set the particles to STATIC. Then it works and I only have to animate the emitter-plane.

Anyway, thanks so far.