Particle problem when joining meshes

Maybe I’m missing something fundamental here. When I join meshes and one has a Particle system on it, is there something else I should do to stop the Particle system disappearing? :spin:

Make sure the last object selected is the one with the particle system.

You may find that even though the particle system persists using Richard’s suggestion, that it might be screwed beyond salvation if it’s Hair particles.

My experience with Hair systems shows that any operation that changes the vertex count of a particle emitter mesh completely bollixes the Hair parent strands – for example, on my Katrice (Kata) character model, when I tried to add a single edge loop around her elbows to improve deformation there, her eyebrows exploded and parts of them then grew out of her nose and from between her toes. Yuch! So if it’s a Hair emitter you’re trying to Join with another mesh, be warned.