Particle problem with life time

Imagine the following problem to solve:

  1. Create mesh grid with 100 vertices (10x10)
  2. Create particle system on it to emit from vertices in ordered way.
    it will start emitting particles from bottom right corner to upper left corner of the grid.
    Now - I would like particles to be emitted from all 100 vertices for 100 frames. After the first particle dies, i want a new particle to be emitted from the corresponding vertex, and to continue in the same manner for the rest of the vertices for example 3 times (that means 300 particles for 300 frames).
    It seems that the number of blender particles are predefined for the given simulation time, which makes such simulation impossible in my opinion.
    Any suggestions for solution?

It sounds like you know how to do it a single time (100 particles, 100 frames). So if you want it to repeat 3 times you can create 3 almost identical particle systems (just change the start and end frames). There might be a more elegant way of doing it, but i don’t know.

Thanks, jrkirby!
That was my guess to do it.
Of course if you decide to change something in the settings for one particle system, you have to go through all the other.
Obviously that’s the only solution.
It is very constraining to have (number of particles/end of emission) dependency.