Particle problem

I´m doing an animation where some smaller geometry are going to be transported by a screw from a container and up and then be dropped down in an oven. I thought about doing it in RealFlow & 3ds max, but I have to try doing it in Blender first. Anybody got a workflow tips on this one?


Depends on whether it’s a stream of “smaller geometry” (like corn going up an auger) or just a tray of cookies going up a conveyor belt and dropping into the oven. The first could use one particle stream constrained to a Curve and a second stream to ‘drop’ them (or maybe animated Dupliframes with Dup Off to get realistic gaps). The second could just be keyframed.


Hey Fligh!
Well, it´s more like the first one you told about. What I´m doing is to show the heating system for my house. You can see a variation of it in the image attached. It´s smaller geometry like cylinders (1/2 inch) transported from the trey up the pipe and then down to be burned.