Particle Problems... Individual Rotation?

Okay. For a friend, I’m making a planet scene (earth) with a bunch of spaceships orbiting it as just traffic.

I’ve used a simple vert circle and added particles to it, then did dupliverts, so I have this little ring of ships around earth, but they’re all facing the same way.

Now how exactly can I get the dupliverted ships to follow the curve of the circle? Use a contraint? Is there a particle setting I’m missing, or am I going to have to actually duplicate these all by hand?

I know its not helping using curves and dupliverts, but have you checked out the blender plug-in “Beast”?

Beast is a cityblock generator, or hair generator depending on how you use it, but basically it duplicates objects based on vertex’s.

What it could do, is randomly duplicate many different spaceships along your path, and each one could have its own size and rotation.

You could also duplicate a single mesh and just change the rotation in one plane or all of them.

Check it out, its very versatile and would be good imho for something like this where there needs to be variance.

Make sure the Vect option in the Particle Effect settings is pressed. Then mess around with the Track_ and Up_ settings on the spaceship to get them facing the direction you want.